Tipsy Potatoes

3 Nov

So, since this is my first solo post on Scrumptious Gruel, I’d like to take a moment to explain that I am NOT the sort of person who goes out drinking, cooks potatoes tipsy, and then eats them in a stupor while watching Rocky Horror.  Not at all.  And, yet, that’s exactly what I did tonight.

Granted, I probably didn’t do the recipe justice, but tonight, inspired by Ellen’s potato dish from last night, I cooked Skillet Turnips with Potatoes and Bacon from Bon Appetit.

The recipe was easy enough, and all the fresh ingredients could be found at the farmers’ market this time of year – bacon, potatoes, turnips.  I didn’t measure the ingredients, but I hardly ever do, even when I am 100% sober.  And the result?   Although the food didn’t so much “crisp” as stick to the pan, and although it didn’t look appetizing at all (sorry…I can’t bear to post a photo), it was very tasty.  Pure comfort food.  I recommend that you try it for yourself!

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