more taters!

5 Nov

This time I had to go out and get potatoes, in order to use up a package of vegetarian “ground round”. I had a recipe in my Joy of Cooking from 2006 I wanted to make for Keema Alu, or Indian Beef and Potatoes with Spices. I thought it would be a tasty way to use my soy meat, and although it was, next time I make this-and it was tasty enough to make again!-I will substitute garbanzo beans for the meat, I think.

I started by sauteeing onions, then added garlic, grated fresh ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander and ground red pepper. Next I mixed in the soy substitute and some canned diced tomatoes, and finally some red potatoes and water. Joy of Cooking said to peel the potatoes but I love the skin and hate to waste.

Simmer all this covered till the potatoes are cooked, then uncover and simmer until the excess water is gone. Yummmmm. Totally worth the trip to the store for the taters and ginger!

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