Epic epicurean fail documented. Brilliant success gobbled too quickly.

11 Nov

So, I had latke recipes. I had one for beet latkes from an old Bon Appetit, and another for butternut squash latkes from yet another BonAp. Both had a lot of cumin so I had both on my “to make” list. Why yes, I do have lists upon lists of things to make! I am a compulsive list keeper.

Last night I made the beet latkes with the golden beets I got from my CSA delivery. SOOOOOOO amazing. So amazing I ate the whole thing. Well, I made a half recipe so it was six latkes. Not so extravagant. And I did not get pictures. If I’d made them with red beets they might have been even more amazing to behold but these were similar in color to what I surmised my butternut latkes would be.

So tonight I labor away to make those, and while they taste just dandy, I don’t have latkes, I have a plate of golden mush:

I could not get that batter to hold together for the life of me! Now, granted I fiddled a tiny bit with the recipe, using an olive oil spray rather than coating the things in oil(I can’t stand food that is remotely oil slick-y), but seriously I don’t know where I went wrong. Eleanor, I dare you to make this! Maybe you will succeed better than I!

It’s just too bad I documented these and not the latkes that turned out pretty!

One Response to “Epic epicurean fail documented. Brilliant success gobbled too quickly.”

  1. Eleanor November 20, 2010 at 10:44 pm #

    Ellen, I will take you up on that dare one of these days. I can’t resist a dare.

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