Food for burning men…

22 Nov

…er, that is, people who went to Burning Man. My boyfriend was holding a BBQ for his campmates from last’s summer’s Burning Man, the giant art festival which I am bound to end up attending next year.
As someone who lives alone I get really happy when I have the chance to cook for other people. There are some foods I will either unhealthily overeat, or will not eat before the food goes bad if I cook just for myself.
Ted was handling the meat, so I made a nice source of protein for vegetarians: Devilled eggs:

Ok, so I was the only veg-head, but everyone liked those!
I also supplied cornbread, using a recipe I’d never used from an old(1965) Fannie Farmer:

It was ok, but I think I actually like the recipe from my Cook’s Illustrated Baking better. For dessert I made a recipe from my 2006 Joy of Cooking for Butterscotch Blondies. I’d never browned butter before, but I must say it makes for deeeeelightful cookies:

Suffice to say if I’d had those all to myself it could have been trouble. I actually could have eaten a bowl of the batter all by myself, I think. Same with the cornbread. I have a thing for raw doughs and batters.

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