stuffed peppers-if anyone can think of a more clever title for this post, i am allllll ears!

15 Dec

The recipe: Spinach and Sausage Stuffed Peppers from last October’s Food and Wine. The changes: I halved the recipe,used a red and an orange bell pepper instead of Italian frying peppers(which I can’t say I have EVER seen at the store-anyone know what they are?)used the vegetarian soy Italian Sausages by Lightlife instead of real sausage, almond milk instead of milk, vegetable stock instead of chicken,and since I would have needed one tablespoon of cheese and one of nuts I left them out because I did not want to purchase these items and use so little.
The process: saute baby spinach, knead a chopped up piece of bread with some milk and egg, add spinach, some red onion and sausages, stuff halved peppers, saute stuffing side down then stuffing side up then simmer in some tomato sauce and stock. Eat!

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