Too gosh-durned delish?

21 Jan

I had kale and potatoes in my CSA delivery and so I said aha! I can make the Kale and Potato Cakes with Rouille ! I like it when things work out like that. If you click on the link, you will be able to go to the Bon Appetit page. I know, I know, I am sorry my darling Mark Bittman, I forsook(sp?) your cookbook for my magazine. I did make two minor alterations-fat free vegan mayo for mayonnaise and garlic powder instead of pressed garlic(gotta buy me one of those garlic presser gadgets)in the rouille.
So why too delish? I had a whole plate of leftovers. I offered some of these to my friend when he came over to study French with me. I am re-learning French because I am counting on a future that involves a lot of trips to the Cannes film festival for my work and Paris for fun.
Anywho, my friend ate all my leftovers and I want more! But before I can get more potatoes and kale I have to use up the cabbage that the CSA has been bombarding me with…

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