Food for Winners!

15 Mar

Ooooh, ooooh, oooh, I actually won something! Well me and like ten other bolg readers. I was reading the food blog Kaitlin with Honey and she was doing a giveaway of Coach’s Oats. The cool thing about Coach’s Oats is that they are the wonderfully nubbly steel-cut oats, but you can prepare them fast. All you had to do was say how you like your oatmeal in the comments and you were entered. And I did. I like to cook my oats with water, eat them with plain unsweetened almond milk on the side and sometimes sprinkle in Equal. Yes I know. Bad. But as I’ve said at least I stopped with the diet soda.
Here is what a little packet of the oats looks like:

And cooked, pre-almond milk and equal:

Soooo good. I have a confession: sometimes I really like eating foods that are supposed to be hot, cold. These oats had some time in the fridge. The texture was extra dense and oh so nubbly. I love nubbly-ness.

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