Milk. Toast.

31 Mar


This was the perfect example of how simple is better. Milk toast. From Marion Cunningham’s The Breakfast Book. If you don’t own this book you should correct the errors of your ways. Both the prose and the recipes almost make me want to be a breakfast eater. Almost. Naturally I had milk toast for dinner. She gives variations both for oven and stove-top versions. This time round I did the stove-top version. You toast bread, bring milk to a simmer then take it off the heat, stir in some butter and optional sugar and nutmeg. I opted for some stevia. I also used some smart balance instead of butter. This is poured over toast, covered and allowed to sit for five minutes. Take the cover off and it’s just magical: your toast is about 3 times larger. And soooo delicious. This goes next to oatmeal in the simplicity is perfection category. Now go have some milk toast for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, midnight snack…

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