Carrot Cake Cookie Monster!

2 May

Life gave me carrots, and a Cookie Monster reshoot. Actually, my CSA delivery gave me carrots. My director from the short film I had a lead in, “Cookie Monster”(playing a girl named Cookie!), announced that we had to do some reshoots and voiceover work this week. I took all this as life’s way of telling me it was time to tackle the Carrot Cake Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting recipe that I’d long ago written on my “To do” list after perusing the May 2010 Bon Appetit. And now it’s May 1st, 2011. Took me a while but I got to it!
Dooooooo it. Make these cookies. Even my bastardizations of the recipe, which included fat free cream cheese, Smart Balance instead of butter, and stevia instead of some, but not all, of the sugar couldn’t keep these cookies down. I do wish I’d had raisins to add. I do not like eating them by themselves but love them in a good carrot cake. One tip: if you are gonna try to save fat and care about texture, use a lowfat cream cheese. I am finding the fat free type doesn’t get entirely smooth.

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