23 May

For the pumpkin week finale, I give you PUMPKIN WAFFLES! Yumyumyum:

I decided that the heartache I’ve been experiencing of late could not possibly have anything to do with my real life, and that OBVIOUSLY I had been neglecting, and was missing my true cookbook love: Mark Bittman. I know, he’s married but I think a cookbook affair is ok, yah? Did that even make sense? Enough already, moving on.
I perused How to Cook Everything Vegetarian for a pumpkin recipe to finish out Pumpkin Week and voila! Pumpkin Waffles. So good. So good, in fact that I am not giving the recipe because you need to buy the book.
I think the next theme week I do will be Waffle Week where I put anything I can think of in the waffle iron. I’ve made waffled french toast and toasted sandwiches before but I want to see what happens with tortillas and a waffle iron. Plus Mark has more waffle recipes for me. I’ll welcome suggestions too. So look for that in about a week!

3 Responses to “Waffling”


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