RIP: goodbye old kitchen friends

20 Aug

Maybe I’ll just get a food processor.

Last night brought the end of both my blender and my favorite pink martini glass of which I owned only one. It was my present to myself when I graduated college. Just the one. I’m a real big spender.
I went to make a new shake recipe that involved ice cubes so I thought I’d give the malfunctioning, duct-taped blender one last dance. It not only wouldn’t blend the cubes but as I gave up and started scraping the half-shake, half ice cube concoction into my pink glass somehow it bumped it into the sink. I took both out to the trash.
The next day I decided I would skip the cubes, add some extra fluid and try the shake recipe again with my immersion blender.
I got this recipe from another blogger, Eden. Eden is beyond hilarious. To me. She may not be to you if you are sensitive. Particularly about eating disorders. As someone who devoted about 7 years of her life to anorexia, I have to have a sense of humor about that. Life is too darned short to be regretting things and getting all weepy over problems. Not only that but your life is your own unique experience that nobody else gets to have. So own it, and laugh about it. That is my wisdom for the day. Oh, and go drink this shake:
Thin Mint Shake
It has a lots of use this or that options, and I really liked putting the cottage cheese in it. The pudding mix was an interesting addition that made it thicker. Oh, and I added about a cup of almond milk. And left out the ice cubes…so maybe I don’t know how good Eden’s precise recipe was but it was mint-y and thick and chocolate and that is almost all I really wanted on a hot summer’s night. Take the almost to mean what you will.

2 Responses to “RIP: goodbye old kitchen friends”

  1. Sabrina August 23, 2011 at 6:34 am #

    As soon as I’m done with this sugar cleanse I will MAKE this…mark my words…

    • Ellen August 23, 2011 at 8:02 am #

      Yeah, do it! And my next planned post will be no-sugar friendly.
      Nice work on MiBoSo, btw, I subscribed!

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