Waffle Week Day 4: housewife waffles

15 Mar

Today we are waffling French toast! It’s like the ultimate lazy person’s way to waffle.
Or the harried housewife’s genius, clever way to impress her husband. Her children who will compliment her cooking then go brush their teeth without having to be told to, whilst the hubby tells her she’s perfect and he’s going to give her a little extra pin money this week. Go out with the girls and have a malted, honey.
At least, this is the sort of scenario I imagine reading vintage cookbooks.
Sounds goddawful.

I made this from the General Foods Kitchens Cookbook

Written by The Women of General Foods Kitchens.

Because the Men of the Kitchens were busy dicking off.

This cookbook is a 1959 treasure, it is. A 50’s housewife cookbook. I love these because occasionally when stressed I have the fantasy that I’d be perfectly content to stay home and look pretty and cook meals for a man. But really, I wouldn’t. I’d get bored.

Although I do like to cook for the men in my life.

Incidentally, that is a bit of limoncello in the shot glass in the picture. To be sipped, not shot.

I’m ladeeeee!

Mad Men waffles, anyone? Good lord, if only I was making these for Jon Hamm. Not even as his wife, but as his fellow St. Louis native turned actor buddy. That sounds good…

Bread n’ Butter Waffles(adapted from The General Food’s Kitchens Cookbook)bread(duh)
Butter(ditto that)
3/4 cup almond milk
dash of salt
1 egg, slightly beaten
Butter your bread and mix the remaining ingredients. Dip bread in mixture then cook on waffle iron. Awesomeness abounds.

4 Responses to “Waffle Week Day 4: housewife waffles”

  1. Averie @ Averie Cooks March 16, 2012 at 12:10 am #

    The fact that you can use buttered bread and just put it in a waffle iron…and use that as a cross between a toaster and a panini grill, well, I’m impressed!

    • Ellen March 16, 2012 at 12:34 am #

      Yeah, all the experimenting I’ve been doing has convinced me that more people would have waffle irons if they realized how versatile they are!


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    […] used leftover egg/milk mixture from my housewife waffles to waffle-ify a cracker. A bran cracker. Oddly good. With butter. […]

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