21 Apr

I know you are so ready for Second Annual Pumpkin Week in Spring to begin but hold your horses. T’will begin Monday.


If you live in LA and want some free Sunday night entertainment come on down to the Del Close Theatre of Improv Olympic at 6366 Hollywood Blvd. and see a staged reading of some Parks and Rec spec scripts.

No I did not write any of them, no I’m not acting in all of them, just one, written by my friend Roxana Altamirano, fellow UCB classmate and the woman behind Nerd Boyfriend. Which also has a Nerd Girlfriend counterpart. She’s a cool lady.

I’ll be playing April. Total duh.

So if you are bored the show starts at 8:30, I think the episode I’m reading in is last but you can hang out with me and laugh at(with?) the first readings while I work to channel my best Aubrey Plaza.


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