Biodynamic goodness 

4 Nov

Nan Helgeland is a force of nature. Or is she using nature’s forces? Biodynamic forces, to be vaguely more specific. I wrote of Martian Vineyards, and their stellar Syrah a while back. And I finally, finally got to visit where all the magic happens.
Not that biodynamics is all magic. There is something to be said for raising the animals you are getting manure from to make fertilizer on site. I still am confused about the chemistry of burying horns filled with the stuff as part of the fertilization-creation process. But I like that the vineyard is not shipping in chemicals to treat the vines.

All of this is to say that there is quite a bit of logic behind the biodynamic movement and I doubt I could do it justice in one fell blog post. I was just excited to see the vines from whence the wine came, and meet the woman who decided switched career paths to get a degree in oenology and start her own vineyard. And who was smart enough to let the grapes and nature tell her how and what wines to make. It’s pretty cool.

She is pretty cool. She has a house on the vineyard and as a devoted reader has her own little library. She takes care of the people who work in her vineyard like family. One of them has health problems? She is reading up on them and finding the right doctors to send them to. The price of produce rises? She starts a garden on the vineyard for all the workers, so they don’t have to spend their earnings on healthy fruits and veggies.

All this love and attention really does translate into some excellent wines. And sure, maybe part of it is in my head, but the wines taste all the better when you have shaken the hand that has picked them. Yes, Nan gets in there on picking days. She said I could join in next year and I just may do that.

As for my wine selection of the week, the Red Shift Syrah remains my favorite. But I’ve told you of that so I’ll make a recommendation for a Martian white wine. Both my Dad and I were pretty gaga for the Albariño.

So try that! That is all for this week. Just a ringing endorsement for Martian, and for visiting wineries in general. Fun education. Get to know your booze. On a personal level.

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