blanc de blah blah brilliant bubbly with a straw

25 Nov

oh woman it is a wine with a straw i am into. oh fuck. sofia is rock.

This week’s review is of the Sofia blanc de blanc minis from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery.

I mean, the box reads “Passion fruit, citrus and honeysuckle…each portable pleasure comes with its own straw.” Well then. I mean, it is correct about the fruits and straw. But it has a nice yeasty category it fills too. And mineral stone. That wet stoned taste. As in wet stone, not “stoned”. Have not been stoned since I was a teen. So by “wet stoned” I mean “tastes like some stones I dug up from the spring and licked like ya do”.

I mean, as far as a straw with a wine, wine with a straw, what-evs goes, Sofia or her pops who blends tha shiznit has it going on.

It’s Cali carbonated white wine y’all! In a can! Avail all over including late night non-pedigreed places in StL and Chi-town. And Ktown. So there. Cause in all those cities I’ve been like “I want sparkly! And I wanna dance!” and boom I get this. I need to dance in LA more and see what they give me. I’d take this. The last time I danced in LA was at a goofy dance event thrown for “the improv community” (where else can you dance so freely?) and the bartender gave me a pint of Bulleit with a splash of soda. I don’t drive in LA at night anymore.

Back to this bubbly. It is just so there. Lime-y, stone-y, and I do not know what-y. It is yummy through a straw.

Oh shit and melon notes? And like I said the baked bread notes are strong. Mmmm yeast.

I tried pouring it in a glass and I have to say it was just as good as other inexpensive sparklings. Straw-ed and not straw-ed. But as good as really good expensive sparklings? Maybe not quite. But still Very Good. I cannot believe I am endorsing it. Me, who brings wine glasses to parties if I fear being served wine out of Solo cups. But this wine EXCELS out of the can with a mother f-in’ straw. Love it. It may even be BETTER out of a can with a straw so there. Plus the cute pink factor. Image is all.
Love the pink can. Love the pink.

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