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Is that rosé or are you just happy to see me?

26 Apr

2015 Domaine de l’Idylle Rosé 

From Savoie. Which is in France. Eastern sorta southern France. 

Now I want to go and buy more. Apparently I enjoy Mondeuse. Mondeuse NOIRE! So goth at heart.

The grapes are Mondeuse. Just to clarify.

I know nada about Mondeuse so…I can only speak for this wine

The color is a delectable peachy salmon.

The nose is peachy and perfumed just a tad.

The tongue says oh-so balanced. There is a tad bit of sweetness. I get a not-too-sweet peach melba made with a mix of raspberries and strawberries and wet stones. Smooth stones with water running over them. The stones are causing the water to be just the teensy bit frothy. Effervescent.

This wine is not THE most effervescent of the bunch. It is not the social butterfly on the center of the dance floor, but it is that chipper girl’s good friend. You know she will be there. She will not be too much or too little. Not too sweet but very, very polite but just interesting enough you know the two of you will stay up all night and discuss both the boys you like and how many dimensions there are in string theory and her jokes will make you want to to hug her and the next weekend she is the gal you probably will hang with again. Not THE love-of-your-life best friend but the reliable chum you love all the same.

To recap: medium-light body, a hint of sweet berries and peach and stones with bubbles. The finish is this clean, fresh crisp AHHHHHHH. That is the only way I can describe it.

her name was barbera…no wait laura oh fuck

13 Apr

This is a Barbera d’Alba named Laura so I was right on both counts and both would burst my lady cherry. If you know what I am saying.

Oh shit! And “Laura”? For all her benign smoothness this lady is biodynamic. So she is the svelte hippie who is somehow about to go to Harvard to get her law degree. That is THE PERFECT metaphor.

And like, she has sediment but that is totes sexy.

I used to say I was not into Italian wine but I guess I didn’t know what I would like until I saw (tasted) it. I like Barberas. I also tend to enjoy the occasional Chianti or Mount Etna booze. But Barbera is the bees jiving knees.

Barberas are lovely demure lasses. They are sexy but wearing midis and cute flats. I enjoy their company.

This one?

2013 Principiano Barbera d’Alba DOC “Laura” Piedmont

I do seem to prefer northerly Italian wines. So I choose this guy. Girl.

The nose says May day even though it is April. This gal does not have legs. Which is fine. A Barbara does not need legs because she has breeding.

She has cherry but probably slept with a few other berries in her family’s past.

Next time I swear I am challenging myself to describe a wine in male terms.

But onwards with this lady.

Tannins? Nah. Acid? Fuck yeah a tiny bit but only if you don’t text her by tomorrow. Well there is an essence of lemon? Have I ever sensed lemon in a red wine? Well I have now.

This svelte but not malnourished babe has some refreshing lemon to her. And…just like nice grapes. Like really stellar, almost frozen on a summer’s night red seedless grapes such as I procure at Ralph’s aka a generic supermarket ala Safeway. All of which to say without snobby pedigree but no less enjoyable.

All in all, she is a classy lass.