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Jura (sic)

14 Jan

Actually it is not a (sic) mainly that’s my way of saying I’m delving back into memoir-editing hell. Am I young to have a memoir? Maybe but read it and you’ll see why I needed one. I’ve journeyed a ways.

Ugh that.

But wine! This wine is from the Jura so named because of the Jurassic epoch. Era? Maybe all this should have (sic) after it indicating I fucked up.

But I did not f up buying this wine from ye olde Garagiste as I do. As always I wish I’d invested in more bottles but I’ll cherish this one. The Jura, lying between Burgundy and Switzerland is where this 2015 Benedicte et Stephane Tissot Arbois Rouge “D.D.” hails from and as such includes the trademark Jura red grapes Poulsard and Trousseau along with perennial fave Pinot Noir.

Color belies taste. It appears ever so slightly cloudy brick fading to garnet red. The minerality and acid explode on the tongue.

It is a work of art that zings on the tongue as if carbonated except it is not. Flavors explode from pastilles and flowers to boysenberry then candied lavendar then cherry with this percolation of green herbs under all. Meanwhile the aforementioned carbonated notes have you wondering if effervescent elves are still dancing on your gums and tongue or maybe you are just drinking an energy drink wine?

Like someone is going to invent an energy drink wine someday right?

It’s where all the Red Bull/vodka drinkers will decamp to next right?

Anyway close your eyes and take a sip of this and you see a slightly blue-toned version of the Dubouef pics on Beaujolais nouveau bottles oh hell you see some sort of floral watercolor then a real life waterfall falls over you and you are energized and relaxed in a way Red Bull never could dream of achieving.

No offense Red Bull at one time I loved you mixed with the Mandarin orange flavored vodka you have a place in every Midwesterner’s young soul somewhere. But I would put a giganto(sic) bottle by that drink era (Epoch?) in my memoir worthy life. And move on to the perfectly phrased “I’ll have the Arbois rouge” time.

I’m here.

It’s good.