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22 Aug

What the what. I haven’t written in nearly two years. Sorry about that. I was busy with work and finishing my WSET Diploma. Having the post-nominal of DipWSET is great.

But also sorta close to DipSHIT so I’m divided on how often I’ll use it.

Also kinda makes me think of Diplo so may DipWSET is in fact my dj name, where I’ll spin goth-y remixes to make Skrillex jealous cause clearly he hasn’t accomplished enough.

So yeah diploma, then you know, stuff like breakups, relationships, cartoon voiceovers, having seizures (slipped that in there) and getting more writing jobs has taken me away.

But hey, maybe I’ll try this writing “just for me” thing a bit.

Not just because I think I’m gonna start a Youtube channel but also I think I’m gonna start a Youtube channel and I want you in on the ground floor.

In the meantime, may I present a wine for your consideration? It’s friggin’ delicious and since while I didn’t taste it on a recent trip to the Languedoc I’m now so turned on by Languedoc wines that…

So I got my latest Garagiste shipment including a box of mystery rosés I put my faith in because they’ve never let me down. And surprise surprise after several days in the Languedoc my mystery box contained a LOT of it. Has Garagiste been stalking me?

Unlikely. I’ll get over it.

This wine is actually from the subregion of Minervois, m’loves. Which SOUNDS chic and like it spends its days take infrared saunas and other things Gwyneth Paltrow might do. But it maintains chic while being more achievable than Paltrow-adjacent shit.

Oh what is it? Right I quite forgot.

Château de Bagnoles Minervois Rosé 2020

It took me a minute to find the winery homepage but your girl exercised unusual computer patience and found that it is a grenache/Syrah/Cinsault blend.

Also the site recommends drinking within a year thank goodness I made the cut.

Be that what it may I am merely so happy to see these grapes in a rosé.

I feel like using the word “merely” instead of “just” or “simply” is sort of a power play, no? Like it means you are invested but, ya know, you have your own life to live so…

One thing I learned in the Languedoc is that they have FANTASTIC whites and rosés and yet mostly they push the reds. When I wish they’d peddle the others as hard as me on a bike late to scene study in college.

Wait, that’s “pedal”.

Moving on.

Lemme tell you about this delight. Tis neither dark as a Tavel nor as pale as modern Provence tastes take us.

Smells mineral unless that is it’s name leading me there but it think not.

It’s a slaker of thirst, the minerality maintaining the stronghold over the raspberry/strawberry-flavored kingdom.

But also? There is a touch of tannic structure. This rosé goes down easy but not without leaving a (pleasant) mark.

I almost get almond or—better yet a peach AND the peach pit.

This wine’s an vixen. A fruity, mineral, animal.

I’d wear it everyday.

Except when I want to be in black (which is most days) but I actually put the pink shirt on in its honor.

Also it’s like ten-ish bucks so go crazy.