Growling for Autumn Rosé

14 Sep

When I think growlers, I think sports. When I think sports, I think Autumn. Yes, there are sports year round, but autumn is the most thrilling time for baseball fans. Which I am. Go Cardinals. And if the Cardinals are out I’ll root for the Dodgers. Go Dodgers with parameters!

Back to thinking growler. I DON’T think of wine. I DON’T think rosé. But juxtapositions can be delightful, as this is.

A growler of rosé wine perfect for autumn and sports.

Oh right what am I talking about? It’s Ru’s Farm Growler 2021. Why is it autumn-y? Fall-ish? Harvest-y at largest-ly?

I want to skip through the streets slinging this growler of pink booze and feeling ready for new love.

I mean I am always ready for new love unless I am in love but such delicacies currently elude me so here we are.

It’s 65% Cinsault/35% Grenache. Poor Cinsault is too oft overlooked. I LOVE Grenache, but what’s up Cinsault? I like you too. I feel like you are HERE, and a mainstay of many a rosé blend. Keep it up.

The thing with this rosé is that it smells refreshing. Like the cool air, laced with drying leaves and winds of it’s-a-new-school-year change. Autumn is the crisp time of year. But also a time for rich foods to integrate their way into your plate–crisp and stewed spiced apples both have a place in autumn.

And this is a rich AND crisp wine–maybe more summers flavors. I get roses, cherries, strawberries and such. But also hints of white pepper (which is also a little floral) and a lick of cloves and whiff of citrus hinting at winter glories ahead, but not yet. Oh right I was saying it is rich as far as rosés go; it has a deeper salmon color and a body with weight. But it also ends with grace. The flavors don’t disappear. Or change. They just strut away and maybe just before they disappear there are jazz hands. Saluting both femininity and grace AND sports. It’s a home run. In a growler. Of rosé.


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