Here be some blogs I enjoy-this is a work in progress.I’m starting with bloggers I know and blogs I’ve cooked from:

Chocolate Covered Katie
I’ve made many things on this vegan site, and I have a to-do list miles long from this page.

The Actor’s Diet
The first cooking blog I read regularly-not a diet blog!Just what one actor happens to eat, and Lynn is a doll:)

Sippity Sup
Greg’s blog is awesome in that it runs the gamut from innovative to quite classic. Iceberg wedge? Be still, my heart.
I had the pleasure of meeting Greg at the pie contest. I did know at the time that it was he who I’d been listening to on his engaging podcast The Table Set, which makes lovely listening when cooking.

Eden Eats Everything
So funny. Often so wrong.

Grandmother’s Kitchen. Cuteness squared.

The Kitchn
An old stand-bye. Huge. Gotta have it.

Joy the Baker
After Eleanor, I kind of want her to be my best friend. Not just so we can eat dough together, I swear.

Kaitlin With Honey
I had the honor of writing a guest blog for her!

Heather Eats Almond Butter
I made her dough shake. Well worth it.

Meals and Moves
I like this girl. I liked her protein waffle/pancakes.

The Sweets Life
A St. Louis dweller. Holla.

Foodie Fiasco
I like her enthusiasm. I like her recipes. C’est tout.

My lovely friend Sabrina’s musings on Mind, Body and Soul. Last entry I read encouraged readers to get a massage. This is advice I can get behind.

Shin’s Vegan Lovin’ is incredibly adorable. She makes themed bento. That’s all you need to know.
Boots n Burbs
This is whatever awesomeness my friend Ellie and her sisters have on their minds: fashion, music, food, books …it is concise, visually pleasing, unique, and while you never know what you’re gonna get, you know it’s going to be good.

The Hostess Handbook
Written by another actress, Jessica Garvey and for the young, broke and fabulous. Good stuff even I you are not.

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