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YUVE Got Smoothie

21 Dec

I confess I half live off smoothies. Therefore it is only fair I share what I’ve been drinking, because I am thoroughly addicted. I should also share that my smoothies are so thick and rich they require bowls and spoons and really it’s more like I made myself soft-serve. Except this soft serve has redeeming health factors. My most frequent concoction is a beet-cherry-chocolate protein extravaganza and it is tremendous.

I was inspired to get off my lazy bum and get around to writing this because I got to try some tasty new protein powder made by a very cool and possibly even tastier woman.

I have been using MRM Veggie Protein, to which I thought I’d never find an equal in terms off decent vegan protein powders. AKA ones that are not chalky. But I did! YUVE is danged tasty. I’m also pimping it here because it has a cool origin story.

And chia seeds.

But origin first:
Once upon a time a woman left Russia for New York City. Her name was Lola. She wasn’t a showgirl but she danced. Except ballet. This stunning makes-me-rethink-being-hetero woman, Lola Sherunkova, wanted a quick enjoyable way to get nutrients and such in the Big Apple.

Lola talked to a nutritionist who recommended a rather large list of nutrients. I do not blame her for not wanting to take a gajillion supplements a day. If I were as gorgeous and brilliant as she ALL my time would be spent lounging nonchalantly while lithe goth men held my parasol for me. Fortunately for you Lola was much more enterprising. And YUVE was born.

My only wish is that it came in more than just the one chocolate-raspberry flavor. Mainly because then I could have even more excuses to use it. Because when you can’t decide between two flavors of shake you are forced to just have both. I am surprised I didn’t overdose on chewable vitamins when I was a kid.

Anywho, I am a big proponent of female owned and created business, and Lola is truly one of those came-from-nothing success stories. It helps that her product is great too. Go Lola! Big hugs. And such. And…more?!

Ps I too am creating my own shiz-nit. It is a web show. It involves making drinks and talking about the show “Girls”. That premieres January 11th so “Girls on Girls” should be out on January 12th. We made the pilot episode in the meantime which you can see here:

I beg of you to subscribe to the channel. Or SHARE it on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media you like. Youtube makes it super easy to do that. It won’t force you to watch or anything. You’ll just see it in your list of subscriptions.

Now more YUVE. I tasted YUVE unadulterated first. Just to see. It was great. Then I started plugging it into favorite smoothie recipes. Like the one that follows. Also delish. Addictively so.

Here be what I make:
Beety Choco-Cherry (plus occasional raspberry) Smoothie
1 few small cooked beets or one big one
1/2 cup dark sweet cherries (I get them in the freezer aisle)
1 serving chocolate protein powder or YUVE chocolate raspberry protein powder
1 Tbsp. Cocoa powder
Dash salt
A squirt or so of liquid stevia (NuNaturals is the one type I’ve found not to be bitter)
Heavy dash of almond extract
1/4 cup cottage cheese (omit if you are vegan)
7-ish crushed ice cubes
1 cup water or chocolate almond milk
Blend it good. If not thick enough either stick in the freezer a little while or blend in some anthem gum

Pssst! I got YUVE for free. But would not be telling you about if I didn’t think it was worth it. I’m ordering more for myself!

Round up yer pumpkins!

9 May

Things were all slow and then in typical Hollywood fashion, they got busy. My next few days are as such: audition, workshop, agent interview, improv performance, web series shoot, improv rehearsal, class. The weekend is the new Mon-Wed.? I am taking next week off from being a blogger. And then oooohhh and then! Then it’s Pumpkin Week in Spring! In the meantime, enjoy a recap of the previous pumpkin dayz:

Yes, Mom, I meant to say “dayz”.

The very first of all the pumpkins madness was a savory pumpkin sandwich:

Next came a shake of oats and pumpkin:

Then there was another prettier shake recipe:

Then something terrible:

I closed out year one with waffles:

Year two! It was exciting, kiddos. First thing, I mixed pumpkin into my eggs. WHAT!?

Then I got even more wild and put it in my salsa.

Next up, I did probably my most adored recipe-in terms of people hitting the site and re-pinning, in my very of recipe for pumpkin soup.

I can never stay away from my mistress Chocolate Covered Katie for long, and on the fourth day I made her Pumpkin Bread in a Bowl and her Pumpkin “boatmeal”:


The last day was a conundrum in that the recipe could have fitted into either my un-pizza or my pumpkin weeks. Another popular recipe, it was, too. I give you, Pumpkin Cornbread Pizza:

Naturally I’ve made pumpkin more than just during pumpkin week. How can I resist all the delicious pumpkin recipes prostrating their whorish orange goodness in front of me in Autumn? There have been pumpkin chia puddings

I tried a couple of pumpkin bar recipes but will only bore you with one picture:

And once upon a time, right when I was starting a-blogging, I made a big ol’ pumpkin. And wow, my photography is not great now, but it has gotten better than this:

See y’all in a couple weeks!

Neuroscience, be thy food stylist

5 Feb

Warning: major science and literature nerd post:
Did you know that a great deal of what we “taste” has to do with how the food looks and smells? Tis true. That’s why in blind taste tests people cannot tell the difference between red and white wine. That’s why parmesan cheese and vomit, which contain the same odor compounds are confused in blind smell tests.
Maybe I shouldn’t mention vomit on a food blog.

I really like to push the envelope though.

What we taste has as much to do with the context we experience it in as it does the actual make-up of the food.
In “Proust Was a Neuroscientist” author Jonah Lehrer discusses how Escoffier knew this long before brain research confirmed it, that’s why he insisted his food be served in very exacting ways.

All this doesn’t bode well for the fact that I say my food often is “gruel-ish”, i.e. not attractive.

So I tried to make something pretty.

A parfait.

And I need to try again because as you can see from the main photo I was not so successful in creating the perfect stripes of chocolate oats and cherry soft-serve. On it’s own the cherry soft serve was a gorgeous color though:


This delicious dish came from Oh She Glows- a chocolate-cherry-oat parfait. Or a chocolate cherry bomb, as Angela, mistress of the site calls it.

I only made two minor adjustments which were to use chocolate almond milk instead of regular, and MRM Veggie Protein in chocolate rather than the Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Chocolate Protein Powder she recommends. Cause two amazings in one powder is too amazing for me.

I like to stick with wicked awesome.

And I love the MRM stuff. They’re not sponsoring me to say that though if they want to send me some free veggie protein as a thank you for hyping them…geez I’m a shameless actor in search of free food.

This is a half-recipe. I didn’t know if I’d like it so…commitment issues.

Chocolate Cherry Oat Parfait(barely adapted from Oh She Glows
1/4 c. Oats
1/2 c. Chocolate Almond milk
1Tbsp. Chocolate protein powder
1/4 tsp. vanilla
Pinch of sea salt
1 1/2 tsp. chia seeds
Mix these together and put in the fridge, at least an hour.
In food processor blend:
1/2 frozen banana
1/4 c. Frozen dark sweet cherries
Splash almond milk
Blend, a lot. For a long time. It’ll be worth it. I thought I might not like it but I lurrrrved it.
Layer with oat mixture. Ooh and ahhh. Gobble.

pumpkin chia pudding

12 Nov

Purty. Purty purty pudding. Autumnal goodness abounding. Healthy too. Really. I am this pudding’s bitch.
I just wish I’d had the suggested cookie crumbs to layer with it that Angela of Oh She Glows recommends.
This recipe for pumpkin chia pudding
from Oh She Glows is healthy, and charming, and cute. Much like Angela, creator of the blog. What if all bloggers only made food that resembled them? What would I make? Would it be one endless stream of black rice, dark chocolate, black coffee and black jelly beans to reflect my attire? Or perhaps the stark opposite: cottage cheese, endive, cauliflower and other anemic foods to be my pale skin? Or nerd-y food? Whatever they ate in my favorite books like The Great Gatsby! Oh wait, did that. I dunno.
What food resembles you?

I want to know. So please leave a comment and tell me. In the meantime, if you dig easy, tasty, pumpkin-y goodness and don’t mind the crunchy little chias(I personally love it, some folks do not)then give this pudding a whirl. An thank goodness for easy, seeing as this is my last weekend of playing the dancer who gets her leg ripped off(literally and physically), I did not have a lot of time for fancy cuisine.

Pumpkin Chia Pudding(adapted from Oh She Glows blog by Angela Liddon)
1 c. almond milk
1 c. pumpkin
2 Tbsp. chia seeds
2 Tbsp. vanilla protein powder
3/4 tsp. cinnamon(I increased this from 1/2 tsp.)
1/4 tsp. ginger
pinch nutmeg
2 Tbsp. maple syrup
1 packet Equal(my addition, bad me!)
Mix it up. I used my immersion blender. Cause I could. Chill a couple hours then eat up. Feel healthy. Look in the mirror and see if you are getting Angela’s “glow”. Repeat.

cookie dough? we shall see.

9 Oct

Anyone who has read much of this blog may have noticed I consider myself an expert on cookie dough. I am the dough whisperer, hear me roar. The Doughminatrix. So I see a recipe on Heather Eats Almond Butter for a cookie dough smoothie and I feel the need to put it to the test. Plus it used nutritional yeast, which I have been playing around with. Plus it had interesting instructions such as not too blend to much because “you don’t want the nooch to get completely obliterated b/c it adds that gritty cookie dough-like texture”.
That’s some pretty tough, sexy writing for an entry on a smoothie. Nooch? Huh? Oh, nutritional yeast. Duh. I am not sure that gritty is the word that comes to mind when I think of dough, but Heather’s use of italics made me think that there must be something kick-ass to the smoothie’s grittiness.
Can’t get shake-y without a dose of kick-ass.
Lastly, this shake used chia seeds. I’d not yet tried these darlings of the health blogosphere. I thought cookie dough would be a good way for them to make their Scrumptious Gruel debut. Put on your long white gloves, little chias, you’ve got a ball to go to.
The verdict?
Oh. My. God.
This does taste like cookie dough. Next time I am going to not add the additional two tablespoons of water I added(they were not in the original recipe) so it is thicker. Also I will use more chocolate and I won’t halve the recipe like I did this time. I did not want to commit to a full big shake until I had judged its doughiness. I have commitment issues. Foodwise, anyway.
Here’s what I did this time around:
Cookie Dough Smoothie(only slightly adapted from Heather Eats Almond Butter)
1/4 cup oatmeal
1/4 cup + 1/4 cup plain unsweetened almond milk
1 1/2 teaspoons chia seed
1 1/2 teaspoons of nutritional yeast
1 packet of Equal(Articficial sweeteners!Bad me,I know.Oh well.)
pinch salt
pinch cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 teaspoons chocolate chips(Ghiradelli Bittersweet)
Mix oatmeal, the first 1/4 cup almond milk and chia seed and put in refrigerator for 6 hours. I added a couple of tablespoons of water halfway through, thinking it would be too thick. I was wrong. After 6 hours, blend with second 1/4 cup of almond milk, cinnamon, salt, vanilla and sweetener. Add nutritional yeast and blend just a bit. Add chips and blend a tad more. There ya go.
I am still the Doughminatrix. Meow.

Question for the readers? What foods are you master/mistress of?