Writing Elsewhere

Right now I’m writing for Delectable!

Cinderella at the Champagne Ball

The Big Guys vs. The Rest of the World

All my musings on books and the food in them for Hello Giggles is here

Oddly enough sometimes I get paid to eat out and write about it. For those that read and wonder how I write about the meat-I have a designated meat taster I take with me when I review.
Susan Feniger’s Street
Locanda Positano
I have had the pleasure of writing a couple, for bloggers I really enjoy. Want a guest-post? Feel free to ask…if I think it would be a good idea and can come up with something appropriate to both our blogs(and if I have time!) I will write one. Want to write a guest-post? Let me know either way: scrumptiousgruel.ellen@gmail.com
Here are my previous masterpieces:
I made bulgur loaf for Foodie Fiasco.
I was featured for some vegan delights on Shin’s Vegan Lovin’.
This is a how-to guide to a skype-n-cocktail date for The Hostess Handbook
Spinach lasagne and on-set eats for The Actor’s Diet

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