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What comes before a part B

7 Jul

Part A
I love cheese.
This post is a wee bit old, but a while back we had a lil’ sit on the floor dinner party.
A small one with these goons:

Since I was hosting I took it a bit easy and tried only one new recipe, this Cucumber Salad from Bon Appetit.
Yeah, I left off the avocado. I had guacamole coming and I already hate avocado. I can only allow so many of these green slimy monsters in my home.
And I have a fork and know how to use it.


Our friend Francis (seated center, above) however, the lone brave male at the fete, foodie that he he is, outdid himself, bringing polenta we broiled with cheese, rolling out dough for pizzettes, making banana nutella ice cream(puree a whole bunch of frozen bananas with some nutella and you get instant ice cream)and bringing two types of ginger beer for Moscow mules-and it was all wonderful.
Damn that was a long sentence.

But I think the winner of the night was Alice’s creation. Perhaps you remember Alice?
Inventrix of the Mo-alicell?
Alice who learned how to get grindy with me?
Poor Alice who I screwed in the birthday cake department?
Alice an I have done some grinding, some screwing, an now we were being boring and chewing. Kumquats.

She concocted a mixture of watermelon, kumquat rind, mint and brown sugar that more or less blew my mind.

I’d ne’er had a kumquat.

I will try to stop using Shakespeare-esque words like ne’er after today.

Tonight is closing night for Midsummer, and I would be promotional and post a link for tickets but we sold out all weekend.

Kumquats, acting, and dinner parties. Life could be a whole hell of a lot worse.