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24 Sep


Moving on! I found this recipe on the allrecipes app, took the picture with my iphone’s camera app, then played around with the picture using the Adobe Photoshop Express app. That was pretty necessary considering the shake was boring to look at on its own:

See? Boring. What is this blah-looking concoction? A Chocolate Cheesecake Milkshake, that’s what. It’s funny I wanted to make this since I don’t like cheesecake. Not plain, straight up cheesecake anyway. Highly ironic since I LOVE The Cheesecake Factory. Don’t judge me. But I do. I have a whole Cheesecake Factory ritual that involves filling up on dinner and vino there, taking home a piece of the gigantic chocolate cake big enough for four, eating it all, and passing out. It is glorious.
Also, I like non-plain cheesecake.
Things like chocolate cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter cheesecake and the like are quite wondrous things. I still had a half of a pint of Zero Ice to use up and some cream cheese on hand so the allrecipes app recipe posted by a lady(I assume she’s a lady, you never know in this wacky online world)named Denise Bradbury for a Chocolate Cheesecake Milkshake was worth a try. That sentance was one hell of a run-on. Sorry.
The recipe served four and called for “scoops” of ice cream. Which is annoying. Anyone know how much a scoop is supposed to be? I cut the recipe down to serve one and decided to use a whole cup of the Zero Ice. I think I want to make it again using more cream cheese because I did not really detect it at all. The changes I made to this included using chocolate almond milk instead of milk and the Zero Ice instead of ice cream. I also added some Equal(bad me) and a drop of vanilla extract. The funny thing is that this really reminded me of a McDonald’s shake. Which I think is FANTASTIC. If you did not lose all respect for me reading about my Cheesecake Factory love, you probably will now that you know I love McDonald’s shakes. AND their fries. Suck it, gourmands.
Sorry, that was inappropriate and mean. Won’t happen again. My brain is surely messed up from the artificial sweetener and other crazy-bad-unnatural additives I’ve been consuming.

Chocolate Cheesecake Milkshake(adapted from the allrecipes app)
2 Tablespoons reduced fat cream cheese
1 cup chocolate Zero Ice
1/2 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk
2 packets of Equal
dash of vanilla
Blend er’ up and suck it. The right way. Not the mean way I told the gourmands to.

What are your non-gourmet and perhaps slightly shameful food likes? Please comment! Even if you are pissed about my use of the word suck and want to tell me, go right ahead:)

Not a purple people eater

21 Sep

OF COURSE NOT! I’m vegetarian and people count as meat, purple or not. But that is not the real question. The real question is the ongoing debate(mostly in my head)on whether or not Chocolate Covered Katie is a kinky gal or not. Then I came upon a post entitled “Soy-free love potion”, which makes me think maybe she is actually a romantic? Of course, she could go both ways. I mean, love potion? Could be romantic. Could be twisted.
The recipe on this page was for this delightful frozen blueberry concoction which she alternately refers to as love potion or lavendar cream. If it actually were lavendar flavored, as is so trendy these days, I’d be out. I hate perfume-y floral flavor. But it wasn’t, and it made use as agar as a gelatin substitute, which I’ve been wanting to learn about, so I was doubly in.
This grew on me, bite by bite. Maybe it does have magical properties. As in, it will make you love it. Be careful with those love potions. You never know what you’ll fall for. Although a healthy, blueberry-y frosty concoction is a pretty safe thing to love, methinks.


14 Aug

That was my scream. For ice cream. What else would I scream for, Jim Beam? Well somebody might but not I. Your favorite team? I might. A perfect seam? I’m stopping now.
Chocolate-Covered Katie has really been my main blog homegirl. I want to make almost everything on her site except things with coconut in them. It has been hot, so I decided to give her vegan cake batter ice cream a whirl. Literally. You freeze the base for it then put it in your blender. It contains sugar and almond milk, so it has to be good.
I am just sending you to her link for this one because I did nothing to alter the recipe-I did go for the option of using butter flavoring(which is vegan, according to Katie-it’s by the vanilla extract at the store) instead of coconut butter, and I left out the sprinkles. Though if I could get my hands on a container of the rainbow chips in rainbow chip frosting I’d put those in. Or maybe I should have just put a scoop of frosting on the ice cream. I would do that.
This tasted pretty darned good, I thought. It grew on me with each bite. But then again I love almond milk. I’m thinking I’m going to play with this one-make one with chocolate almond milk, use different flavored extracts…but first I really need a new blender.
Here be the link: Cake batter ice cream