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B food

19 Jun


There is such a thing as B movies. Should there not be B food?

It is food that is terrible food, really. But there is something about it-the camp, the comfort, the boobs and blood and bologna, that really do it for you.

I’m not so much the sandwich person, but I get cravings for this. Especially when vegan bologna goes on sale.

Normally I’m not into fake meat.
Anywhere in my life.

But I get cravings for this sandwich. I think its a nostalgia thing. And I can pick it into its separate elements which would probably disgust anyone watching me, but it does not matter since I like to be alone with my bologna.

Crud. Now I’m making B-level jokes.

So, get a bad movie and make a soy-bologna and cheese sandwich, spread with a touch of mayo (also something I am generally not a fan of and yet…), butter, and Dijon on wheat bread (had to go higher-brow somewhere). Bread and butter pickles on the side. It’ll beef you up so there is lots of flesh for the zombies, or werewolves, or alien sex-bots, or whatever it is you are watching.

I’m gonna go do the time-warp.