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Cava is THE BEST sparkly: let’s get disgorging

29 Mar

I opened a Cava. Because I could. I will give tasting notes and mayyyybe I will give some tech notes and neither will really matter because bubbly wine is joy contained in a glass. I mean in terms of technical facts, disgorging is getting rid of sediment and I could go on about that–but do we need to think about the part of the wine we are not taking in?
That is nonsensical, but so is the name of this lovely:

NV One plus One equals Three Cava Brut (Penedes)

Was there a logical reason to crack this lovely?

Well, a weekend of rehearsing and a fun musical improv show and then the whole Easter thing seemed like a valid excuse for me, by myself, alone in the kitsch cooking purple potatoes, to open some bubbly.

Cheers to life! Why not.

Thoughts: Oh geez this is a selection that gives me reason to say “I might possibly like cava better than even true Champagne”.

Refresher course: Cava is a sparkling wine made in Spain, using the same methods as champagne. Champagne is a sparkling wine coming from the region of France known as Champagne. This particular cava comes from Penedes, which is in Catalonia. In España. Grapes I REALLY don’t know: Xarel-lo, Parellada and Macabeo.

Champagne is where you go for your galaxy of yeast cruising on teeny-tiny bubble cruise ships. It’ll be the most delicate yet hearty foam to cross your lips. Cava is where you go for dainty bubbles with just a bit of the coarse swagger of the stereotypical dames swabbing the state rooms of the bubble cruise ships. They are unique, maybe a bit salty, and ephemeral. That is such a sexist image but I am digging it to explain Cava. Crap I like Cava.

But all this is neither here nor there, let us talk about consuming the lovely.
It touches your tongue like a plush yet effervescent cloud. Storm imminent. And said storm occurs as you let the bubbly glide down your tongue. You get both the (tasty) acid rain and the lush foam of dainty bubbles all at once. So like, medium in body.

One of the things most spellbinding things about a good bubbly is its ability to play so many roles at once.
Flavor? Well we have fresh fall fruit. We have honey. And maybe papaya. The bubbles invoke minerals, flowing down the river of pureed white peach. I am not joking about that last one, please, do feel free to make fun of me for saying it.

I deserve it. And I will still stand behind it.

Crap I love Cava. 

Lady MacDeath

30 Jul

Out, out damned wine spot!
This drink is blood orange and Campari and port and jealousy, ambition and hidden violence in the night. And psychotic breakdown

Lady MacDeath
1 1/2 oz ruby port
1 oz Campari
1/2 oz blood orange
Cava to taste
Stir the port, Campari and blood orange. Add the Cava. Plot domination.