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voluptuous blini

6 Jun

I am on the fence about buckwheat. Used judiciously, for the good of our tastebuds, it can be quite enjoyable. Used poorly, it is harsh and bitter. I had clipped this recipe for Buckwheat-Cheddar Blini from Food and Wine Magazine.
I was intrigued by the recipe because of the magazine article: Sophie Dahl’s Voluptuous Cooking. Sophie is Roald Dahl’s granddaughter. Surely some of his macabre sensibility has rubbed off on her and given her food magical powers. And ironically her recipe is made quite low-fat, made with egg whites and skim milk. No butter in sight. How quirky to call it voluptuous. I sense some Roald-ness!
Plus it was inspired by her Norwegian heritage. That makes me think of Vikings which is kind of hot in a Norse sort of way. Voluptuous, hot, macabre Viking grub? I could not resist.
I thought these were alright, and they became even better garnished with a dollop of cottage cheese. The recipe also specifies garnishing with sour cream and salmon but I skipped that because I don’t eat meat and I don’t really care for sour cream by itself.
Were I to make them again I’d up the cheddar content and add a bit of all purpose flour. The texture of straight-up buckwheat is a bit gruff. And gruff is not voluptuous. Not even sexy. It is, however, undeniably Viking-y.