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Simple again, can you tell it’s hot?

3 Aug

This is one of those irritating recipes because it really depends on how good your ingredients are: Vegan Creamed Corn with Chile. My corn was superfresh organic deliciousness. So tasty I could have nibbled it raw. So things worked out alright.
I can never neglect my dearest, my darling, my man with a cooking plan, Mark Bittman, for long. I had enjoyed his How to Cook Everything Vegetarian’s regular creamed corn so I decided to give the vegan/chile option a whirl. Methinks that you should too.
I afraid after my admonitions about the importance of parsley garnishes I fell down on that this time. I didn’t have it, couldn’t justify going and buying more greens. I need an herb garden. I made up for lack of green with some red: an extra dusting o’ paprika.
Vegan Creamed Corn with Chile(just barely adapted and downsized from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian)
Two ears of corn
chile powder
1/2 cup almond milk
Spray a small pan with some olive oil, heat over medium high. Add corn and saute a bit. Add chile powder, salt and pepper and almond milk and simmer til it is as thick as you like. If you want it thicker Bittman advises a bit of cornstarch. Add paprika to taste. If you are like me, you are going to not eat it hot but put it in the fridge and chill it, cause I like my summer foods like I like my coffee. And oatmeal. Ice cooooooold.