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Lurve yourself

30 Mar


Warning. If you are a person who is bitter and hates it when people get serious and talk about shit like self-respect don’t read this entry or you may decide you hate me. I probably would have bypassed the following reading at points in my life. I’m about to get a little self-indulgent here. Fair warning. I promise to get back to sarcasm and self deprecating banter soon. I’ll bring back the dark gothiness too. Patience.

We are making a toast and celebrating today. We’re celebrating me and you. You and me. Good stuff has been happening.

I had decided this year I am dating my career. Taking it out, spending quality time with it, dressing it up. It gets lonely at night sometimes, dating one’s career, since it is always working. It’s not too snuggly. But it always comes home at night-except when it has night shoots that is.

My plan has started paying off.

I got a new manager. I have been booking work. I joined the union. I am being An Actor.

On the non-acting front, I’m a writer now too, y’all! My first review evah, that’s eeeevvvvaaahhhh, got published yesterday here.

And now some vocabulary, courtesy of dictionary.com’s word of the day: Eudemonia 1. Happiness; well-being.
2. Aristotelianism. Happiness as the result of an active life governed by reason.

Eudemonia. It’s what I’m feeling.

I’d made my career my raison d’etre, which is a reason I was governing my life by, not straight up reason itself, but it has led to some degree of happiness. So naturally the next step will be to marry it. I’m gonna propose. Keep you posted on how that works.

In the meantime I took me, my career, and my state of eudemonia out. With a friend.

We went that evening to the nearby Rockwell to celebrate. I love their glowing walls you see behind my glass of rose in the main picture.

So if I can wax even more philosophically I think good things are happening because I had enough respect for myself to make me and my career the number one thing for a while.

You should to. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. It’s good for you and it’s good for the world.

Go out and make a toast and a roar to yourself, you deserve it.

If you want to stay in, however. Here is an Ellen-ified traditional. Cause this ain’t no cooking blog without a freakin’ recipe:
Un-totally-classic Martini, the Ellen way
2 ounces vodka
1/2 ounce dry vermouth
Lime twist
The lime makes it Ellen. Stir that mofo. Sip. Don’t swill. Smile to yourself and think “life is on its way”.