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29 Sep

It tasted good. It looked extra gruel-ish. I was trying to make Mark Bittman’s Cottage Cheese Patties. I thought I did not drain the cottage cheese enough because the patties just completely liquified over heat. The glop was deeeeelicious though.
I decided to make the sweet variation on them, (which omits the onion and herbs and adds lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar and cinnamon)using the other half of the egg from the first batch(I’d halved the original recipe). This time I squeezed out much more liquid of the cottage cheese.
And it failed again. And it did not even taste that good. Too lemony.
Bittman has never let me down before.
Please, someone out there try the Cottage Cheese Patties recipe and tell me it worked for them! I need to regain my faith in Mark, but I’m too tired to cook anything else from his book right now…

5 second rule

27 Jun

That rule doesn’t apply to liquids, since you cannot pick them up and brush them off.
I was trying to get artistic with my photography for once. The martini glass was poised atop of the upside-down glass, and the black and white background made a nice sort of architectural shot. And of course the shake topples. D’oh.
Normally I believe in germs. People should grow up exposing themselves to as many as possible to build up their immune systems. At least that’s my opinion. I’ve even extended five seconds to a minute or so of floor time. But this seemed like a bit much even to me. I could have made another shake but I’d already cleaned up and did not feel like having to wash the blender again so I did not make another. Fortunately I did have a spoonful before spilling and it was yumminess: a peanut butter and jelly shake! Equal parts PB and J, a scoop or so of vanilla ice cream and milk to the consistency of your liking is all you need. I recommend it. Maybe I’ll try again tonight…

Not even worth blogging: Pumpkin week day 4

21 May

I attempted to make these PB/pumpkin cookies. I failed.
That’s all. Tomorrow or Monday I’ll post the Pumpkin Week in Spring finale. This has been fun. Maybe Pumpkin Week should be a once-a-season event. Next time I’ll throw a party.