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14 Aug

That was my scream. For ice cream. What else would I scream for, Jim Beam? Well somebody might but not I. Your favorite team? I might. A perfect seam? I’m stopping now.
Chocolate-Covered Katie has really been my main blog homegirl. I want to make almost everything on her site except things with coconut in them. It has been hot, so I decided to give her vegan cake batter ice cream a whirl. Literally. You freeze the base for it then put it in your blender. It contains sugar and almond milk, so it has to be good.
I am just sending you to her link for this one because I did nothing to alter the recipe-I did go for the option of using butter flavoring(which is vegan, according to Katie-it’s by the vanilla extract at the store) instead of coconut butter, and I left out the sprinkles. Though if I could get my hands on a container of the rainbow chips in rainbow chip frosting I’d put those in. Or maybe I should have just put a scoop of frosting on the ice cream. I would do that.
This tasted pretty darned good, I thought. It grew on me with each bite. But then again I love almond milk. I’m thinking I’m going to play with this one-make one with chocolate almond milk, use different flavored extracts…but first I really need a new blender.
Here be the link: Cake batter ice cream