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how peculiar

10 Sep

chocolate shakes are delicious in the mouth and not so much on the page:

for some reason i started writing this post with very few capital letters. please exuse this. won’t happen again.
so…a shake with a BOATLOAD of cinnamon, and brown sugar as ingredients? interesting. veryvery interesting. no there is not supposed to be a space between very and very, just in case you are further patrolling this post for grammar errors. i started with no caps and i’m going all the way with the bad grammar thang. yeah, that’s thang with an a. most reviewers on the allrecipes app, where I found this recipe said they cut down on the cinnamon, but i happen to be capable of eating massive amounts of cinnamon and loving it. just ask my cottage cheese, the usual vessel for my cinnamon-y tendencies. so i said whatthehell, (again with the spacing!) and threw together the shake, published on allrecipes by ladysu. of course, i felt compelled to make a few changes-almond milk instead of regular, chocolate “ice cream” was this wacky stuff i got at whole foods called zero ice which is not the best plain but works exceptionally well blended with other things(thangs?), and splenda instead of plain sugar. because two whole tablespoons of sugar in a single shake seemed…excessive i guess. i suppose that goes along the lines of the person who orders a heart attack on a plate and a then insists on diet coke, but oh well.
chocolate mug milkshake(my spin on a recipe from the allrecipes app. yea, iphone!)
1 cup chocolate zero ice
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tbsp. cinnamon
1 tbsp. brown sugar
1 tbsp. splenda
blend. yum.
next time, grammar. promise.
question o’ the day: proper grammar lover or no? also, thoughts on emoticons? i love ’em and think they are a new evolving way to enhance written language but i’ll listen to other arguments.


14 Aug

That was my scream. For ice cream. What else would I scream for, Jim Beam? Well somebody might but not I. Your favorite team? I might. A perfect seam? I’m stopping now.
Chocolate-Covered Katie has really been my main blog homegirl. I want to make almost everything on her site except things with coconut in them. It has been hot, so I decided to give her vegan cake batter ice cream a whirl. Literally. You freeze the base for it then put it in your blender. It contains sugar and almond milk, so it has to be good.
I am just sending you to her link for this one because I did nothing to alter the recipe-I did go for the option of using butter flavoring(which is vegan, according to Katie-it’s by the vanilla extract at the store) instead of coconut butter, and I left out the sprinkles. Though if I could get my hands on a container of the rainbow chips in rainbow chip frosting I’d put those in. Or maybe I should have just put a scoop of frosting on the ice cream. I would do that.
This tasted pretty darned good, I thought. It grew on me with each bite. But then again I love almond milk. I’m thinking I’m going to play with this one-make one with chocolate almond milk, use different flavored extracts…but first I really need a new blender.
Here be the link: Cake batter ice cream

5 second rule

27 Jun

That rule doesn’t apply to liquids, since you cannot pick them up and brush them off.
I was trying to get artistic with my photography for once. The martini glass was poised atop of the upside-down glass, and the black and white background made a nice sort of architectural shot. And of course the shake topples. D’oh.
Normally I believe in germs. People should grow up exposing themselves to as many as possible to build up their immune systems. At least that’s my opinion. I’ve even extended five seconds to a minute or so of floor time. But this seemed like a bit much even to me. I could have made another shake but I’d already cleaned up and did not feel like having to wash the blender again so I did not make another. Fortunately I did have a spoonful before spilling and it was yumminess: a peanut butter and jelly shake! Equal parts PB and J, a scoop or so of vanilla ice cream and milk to the consistency of your liking is all you need. I recommend it. Maybe I’ll try again tonight…