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Eggs in a nest

28 Mar

Well, duh, that’s way they are supposed to be.
But what if the eggs are the nest? Crazy, dude.
Do it.

I think maybe I spread the egg whites a bit thin on the bottom. Unexpectedly the yolk formed a layer at the bottom of the nest. I accidentally broke the yolk before depositing it in its nest so that probably played a part in this too.
But if you are into striped food(I am!)this is actually pretty nifty:

That was the nest, bisected.

Eggs in a Nest(from the 1964 version of the Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer andarion Rombauer Becker)
Heat oven to 350. Beat egg white til good and stiff. Like I like my drinks.
That’s a lie. About the drinks. Because I’m a total lightweight.
But the egg whites, yes. Beat em’.
Pile in a sprayed dish, make a hole for the yolk and add it in, bake until set, ten-ish minutes. Season to your taste with freshly ground sea salt and pepper.