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Pickled pink

17 Jul

I won’t lie. I was nervous. Pickled eggs? Made with beets and horseradish? I’ll fool around all day with cookbook authors, and try their recipes for simple things, but I have to really trust a man to jump into brine with him. Naturally, Mark Bittman was this man. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian was the book. Plus there was the alluring promise of pink food. Loooooove colored foods. Love pink. I’m such a girly-girl underneath the pale skin and black clothes.
These were only so-so in the taste category. A bit vinegar-y for my taste, I’m not going to bother with giving you the recipe. But I will store the fact in my mind that grated beets boiled with equal parts vinegar and water are a terrifc way to dye eggs naturally.
Ok, question to anyone reading: do you choose foods or beverages based on how they look? I do. If I order a mixed drink rather than my usual vino, it usually has to do with the fact that I want a pretty drink in a fancy glass…I am curious to hear if other people do this sort of thing:)