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Color and clay

15 Apr

I’ve gotten several ahem tasted a few ahem sampled ahhhh okay. I’ve.  Tried. A bunch.

And every bottle is different. If you want to order wine and each bottle is the same you are out of luck. But all of these are at the very least fantastic and all have a different type of funk to them.

And it is called rosé but…is it really?

How’s about a wine labeled as rosé but it almost looks red and is aged in clay qvevri? As they say in Georgia.

Wild yeast. Unfiltered. Clay. INsAnE (enough to merit varying capitalization) process you can read about here.

But here’s just a tidbit: “Before burying all Qvevri were wrapped with silicon tubing attached to a cool water spring. Each can be adjusted to cool the Qvevri during fermentation. Warm water is then pumped to an indoor swimming pool. In the late winter the flow is reversed, the water warms the Qvevri, and malolactic fermentation is encouraged.”

What?! Warm pools weirdness n stuff n this wine is wild at heart so I forgive the varying bottles for being wild in taste. And being called “rosé”. I need to order a red because if this is rosé…how dang deep is red?!!

It tastes like a hint of oils. And roses that have dried in grape and pomegranate juice. With orange peel and maybe some allspice. 

2015 Gotsa Family Wines Saperavi Dry Unfiltered Rosé Asureti Valley, Kartli

Color: clear, almost cloudy very light red to me it is red

Nose: clean, kerosene, funky raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, youthful

Tongue: dry, high acid, med minus tannins, medium alcohol (13% abv), medium minus body, medium plus intensity, allspice, pears, pomegranates, raspberries and blackberries, lanolin and more wool. Even maybe apple? It’s crazy. Finish: medium plus

Argh try it. Tell me about your bottle. I bet it is different.