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Rosé I don’t want to love

13 Jul

I’m a bit off on a lot of these “we will pick the wine you like based on our quizzes and your ratings thangs”.

Problem is one of them has a rosé I would sit around and drink every flipping night. So ya know log on to Lot 18 and order all the Mythmaker Rosé you can.

Here is a link. There ya go. If you want rosy goodness.

I mean, you can order it to be sent to me I would not quibble with the idea. Hint.

Just kidding if like me you are ordering wine because you are going to drinking it soon and maybe you will share but the person ought to be there to clink glasses with. So LA (or StL of Chicago or NYC) wine drinkers order this shiznit and tell me and I will figure a way to be there and ‘clink’ my glass with you.

We could even skype-clink! my darlings.

All of which to say is let’s drink this pink stuff together.

Get on board. I found it due to the Tasting Room site linked to Lot 18 but I say just go to Lot 18 and order a cart of Mythmaker. I had had one. And I ordered more and the rest of my clubs’ guesses were meh so I say just get this rosé which I shall now describe:

It is…medium in body for a rosé.

It says peach. It says raspberry.

It says I am the color of salmon but fuck me if I taste of fish.

There will be no more fucking.

Just sweet loving without penetration.

Ewwwww remind me to avoid these weird metaphors.

All of which to say it is salmon in color. If the salmon had a fever making it more reddish.

The acid is medium.

There are peaches as I mentioned and there is an ice cream sundae with a raspberry sauce pooled over it so you are like “is this just raspberry sorbet?” And it almost is  bit with the acid, and hint of creamy that you get and……..

There is a flower in there. Maybe a white one.





Which is annoying since I would like to unsubscribe from the club were the wine not so fucking yum.

Oh life.

Problems could be worse.

Love yourself be glad you are able to read this Bologna and g’night dear dears. Life is fine.

Just fine.