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Simple food, simple clothes

7 Apr

Ham n swiss on rye. Classic.
Except when it’s vegetarian ham and Swiss on a rye crispbread(I won quite the assortment from Lynn’s lovely blog giveaway) with Dijon.

Not exactly an original recipe. That’s ok, I have something else original for y’all this week.
I took me forever to do, seeing as I was sewing by hand.
Behold, the stocking skirt:

Because I aspire to not have to go clothes shopping and only have to buy stockings. Plus I hate throwing things away.
Also behold the cool fountain my girl Sabrina and I happened upon on our way back to the car from the Museum of Contemporary Art:

I love downtown LA.

Questions for the readers!
What simple foods do you love? Do you make your own clothing?
And LA-ites, what part of LA is your favorite? Or tell me something about where you live that you love. I beg of you, leave a comment and tell me!
It gets lonely here on ye olde interwebs

Spinach Lasagna for the masses: guest blog time!

2 Nov

The first food blog I really followed was written by the lovely Lynn. Cut to one year later and I got the honor of writing this guest blog for Lynn, writer of The Actor’s Diet. If you are getting concerned that it is a blog about dieting, think again. Lynn just happens to be an actor who likes to eat. Nothing “diet” about her diet.
I wrote about my experience cooking for my friend Maureen’s short film I was also acting in. I made lasagna. Cooking, acting, and friends:life is goooooood. So check out my post, say hello to Lynn and peruse her site, and make lasagna for a friend. Or an enemy you’d like to be your friend. Or the man you want to marry you-the Lasagna Technique worked for my mom. Except the lasagna he had had meat in it. Mine doesn’t.
Anyway, man or not, have fun and make this. Life could be gooooood for you too.