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I drank a Scotch and I liked it

7 Aug

Oh wow! I’ve been anti-Scotch since the time we met. Which was when I was learning about “tolerance” so…just imagine why the flavor of it triggered icky feelings for some time.

But ample time had passed and while I no longer associated scotch with wacky St Louisans fetching late night White Castle and (ahem) scotch coming up…I still didn’t like it. For the same reason I don’t like a lot of mezcal: I’m not into smokey flavors.

Well, I had a pal determined to turn my head and I’m glad he did. The Glenmorangie Highlands Single Malt Scotch “Nectar D’Or” 12 year whisky with a Sauternes barrel finish is scrumptious enough for a gruel-head like me. I probably phrased the name all wrong but you can’t blame me too much I’m sipping Scotch.

This has just a whiff of smoke at the end that ballasts the honey, vanilla and marmalade that you get up front. It’s that friend who has one slightly annoying quirk but they are so delightful that the quirk becomes endearing. Or it’s the gap in the supermodels’s tooth.

Anyway. I’ll stop saying I hate scotch. Much like I tell people that if you think you hate Los Angeles you just have to find the part you like, it seems you just have to find a scotch that suits you.

I actually am a bit Scottish–me mum’s a Campbell so I feel better knowing I don’t hate a drink that runs in my veins.

whisk(e)y wednesday

16 Dec

I went to a whiskey tasting! I went to a whisky tasting! With and e and without! Actually they called it a whisk(e)y tasting. Just to cover all bases.

Diageo hosted a lil’ shindig on the Jimmy Kimmel backlot with Adam Perry Lang tending to food, and quite a few brands of whiskey tending to the alcohol: Bulleit, Blade and Bow, George Dickel, Crown Royal, and I.W. Harper.I got to taste a pretty marvelous blade and Bow 22-year-old bourbon. Master of Whisk(e)y Ed Adams was there to guide my tasting. He had me swish it about in my mouth around 10-15 seconds then swallow and immediately exhale. The exhaling really keeps you from getting the burning sensation. And brings a lot of flavors to the forefront. The surprise of the night was the Crown Royal Hand-Selected. It is a coffey rye, and if I am recalling correctly the “coffey” has to do with the type of still they use. It was one of my favorite things I tasted all night.

They sent us home with a bottle of George Dickel Rye which was super since I was about to run out of rye. I thanked my lucky stars.

  And kissed the bottle.

I tested it against my most recent rye of choice that I can get at the supermarket: Templeton. My most-favoritest rye of choice in my limited rye tasting was Woodinville Whiskey’s rye that was 100 percent rye. Then Templeton. And….I think Dickel may be my fave more than Templeton. It is thicker than Templeton and rougher, but in a good way. There is a wee bit of honey upfront and then some spices on the finish. I really wish I had better notes to give you. Lemme just tell you I’m down with the Dickel.