Acting, arting

This page is for my acting stuff. And my art-y stuff which includes dance, contortion, sometimes music and more. I just started it so there may not be much here yet. But to begin for lots of acting info about me there is
Then my acting reels. The funny:

The dramatic but according to others funny too(because the secret to comedy is taking yourself way too seriously):

I do a wee bit of contorting:

What else…after all who are you in lalaland if not a hyphenate?
Well, I wrote a play. I’ve done some performing of that play both here and in the far away land of the Midwest. It’s called FLAT:a play about small breasts and everything else that’s great in life. Autobiographical. Duh.

I was quite the little artiste at one point:


Try to ignore the light fixture reflected in the back. Five points AND a gold star to anyone who can guess what this charcoal is a drawing of…

I am starting to sew stocking clothing. Both my arm coverings and the skirt are
my repurposed stockings:





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