Like, total duh! Unda!

1 Sep

At least I am like, so totally guessing it is pronounced “un-duh”. Like, yeah totally!
I figured it was time to get with the program and cook something from, or at least inspired by 101 Cookbooks.
But really I was looking for easy. So I did not follow the precise recipe from Heidi, but simplified this, basically an egg fused with a tortilla which Heidi says is “unda-style”.
Oh god, I shouldn’t refer to her as Heidi. Like we’ve met. Then again I talk about my man Mark(Bittman) all the time like he’s the love of my cooking life so I don’t know why I’m worrying about poor Heidi. Hi Heidi! You rock. So do your undas.
Undas consist of cooking an egg with a tortilla over it so they attach to each other. Then you flip and add other tasty things if you like and fold.
I had leftover Egg Beaters(from making cookie dough-I needed that pasteurized egg product to avoid salmonella), and corn tortillas, plus still wanted to play with nutritional yeast as a cheese substitute so I decided to use that to sprinkle on the flipped tortilla/egg. I also whisked some freshly ground black pepper and thyme into the egg and sprinkled the finished product with some sea salt.
Simple, easy. Delish. I could get into this nutritional yeast thing. I plan to further play with this recipe-different herbs, different tortillas, maybe some salsa…endless possibilities. All made possible by Heidi. Really Heidi, you’re awesome. Wicked awesome.

2 Responses to “Like, total duh! Unda!”

  1. Sabrina September 1, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    I love easy eggs! I have a fairly simple frittata recipe you should try -you can sub nutritional yeast for the cheese. Yum.

    • Ellen September 1, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

      Send the recipe my way if you get a moment-I’d live to try it!

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