The last of the octopod wine

7 Oct

And yes octopuses is the proper plural but this wine is actually called The Octopod.

The Octopod Furlong Estates Vineyard Syrah 2010

Aged in both american and french barrels it tastes appropriately international.
Which is to say it is both subtle and pungent in the same sip.
I dunno. I never do.
There are notes of cherry and pecans that have been roasted with some chili powder (specific enough?) and smoke.

Medium body.

Like, zero tannins, dudes. You could swill it if you are capable of swilling a dense-ish iced mocha.

Now granted I was in fact into swilling this the night I opened it but stopped mid-bottle, it still took a couple nights for me to get through it. Lightweight.

But you. You Hard Core Sipper you.

You’ll sip. And want to swill. And probably will and it’ll be great. Because it is wine and it is not like swilling say, a martini. Which if you are me you should REALLY just sip, not swill. Or you will be sorry or asleep or doing things you regret. Ok more likely saying things you regret. Ya know. And then there were those Instagram photos.

Oh right the wine. As I said, medium in body. Also medium in soul but this still has more soul than anything you will find at your supermarket.

There is a vine-y ness underlying all which is okay when thou art in the mood. I am not the biggest fan of vine. Or the Vine platform in general because fuck soundbites. Ugh never use Vine. It makes me ALMOST as annoyed as GIFs (death of good writing/art/life).

Of all the wines I have sampled from Eight Arms I still like The Tentacle the best. But if you are a lover of the vine-y taste this may be your bag, baby.
I liked it a lot. Like I’d totally drink it so let us not discount it because of the sucking-on-a-vine nature. That CAN be a plus.

All in all I give this wine a “doable” rating. As in I like some wines better but this one fills the bill in it’s own delicious way. I’m not sorry. It is the Hershey kiss to my gourmet European chocolate bar.

ps I TOTES always have Hershey kisses on hand to fill my bill.

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