No time, no thyme

7 Feb

Ok, this week I really had no business trying to find time and concentration to follow recipes and/or blog but I did:) This time around, the variation on Bittman’s Vegetable Pancakes. From How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, mais oui(can you tell I am studying French? another thing I shouldn’t have time for).
Anywho. CSA gave me beets, and the recipe had a variation which called for using beets for the 2 cups of shredded veggies, and you were also supposed to add time. I mean thyme. But added time would have been helpful too. I was rushing, trying to return phonecalls and cook simultaneously. D’oh! No time for the thyme. But they still tasted nummy. Oh, and I substituted whole wheat for regular flour. And melted Smart Balance for melted butter. So essentially, 2 cups of shredded beets, 1/2 of an onion, grated, one cup of whole wheat flour, some S & P, an egg, and milk to make a thick batter. Then 2 tbsp. of melted smart balance. Mix it up and cook on a griddle! Nutritious and delicious. And gorgeous!

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